"Radio Times Blurb"

The following Blurb on Melissa appeared on page 37 in the 7-13th December 1997 Edition of the Radio Times. It is a pick of the day, above The Simpsons.

ITV, 5.30pm This is the blonde who's knocked Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson off our screens - and she's soon got viewers under her spell! Melissa Joan Hart, from the kids' comedy Clarissa Explains It All is the star of this breezy new American comedy which has replaced Baywatch, about a teenage girl who discovers she's a witch with some very special powers. Not surprisingly, the show's been dubbed 'the teen Bewitched of the Nineties', and its crazy humour does owe a lot to the sixties hit. 'It's a fun show', says Melissa. 'We don't deal with heavy stuff like drugs and divorce or black magic and killing people. It's pure family entertainment!' Tonight the novice witch accidentally turns a baby into a grown man!

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